King and Queen congratulate Öland Inhabitant of the Year

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Motiv: The King, here with Chair of the jury for Öland Inhabitant of the Year Gunilla Sax, presenting the Solliden Award to recipient Lasse Trofast. Photo: Johanna Eriksson/Barometern.
On Wednesday 18 July, The King and Queen took part in a ceremony to announce the Öland Inhabitant of the Year at Solliden Palace on the island of Öland.
The King presented the Solliden Award to this year's recipient - Lasse Trofast. Lasse Trofast is a musician and the jury's explanation read as follows:

"Lasse Trofast is a popular musician, who has been entertaining the people of Öland, both young and old, for many decades with a wealth of musical breadth and joy in performing. A kind-hearted and giving person, who as his surname suggests*, is 'faithful' to his genre and his audience".

* Translator's note: Lasse's surname 'Trofast' is the Swedish word for 'faithful'.