Interview with Princess Madeleine

Motiv: Princess Madeleine during her visit to Save the Children Sweden. Photo:
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Your Royal Highness has been back in Sweden for almost two weeks. How have those weeks been?
Fantastic. My main reason for coming home was to meet my sister and Daniel's daughter, little Estelle, and this is the first time I have become an aunt. But I also took the opportunity to carry out some official engagements at home, including attending the second official dinner of the year together with mum, dad and Daniel.
And what was it like meeting Princess Estelle?
She really is a little miracle — just like all babies. It's wonderful being an aunt, and I'm so proud for Victoria and Daniel. I don't know how many times I've been to Haga during the last few days. It's been really hard to stay away.
What else has Your Royal Highness done during your visit to Sweden?
I've had a number of meetings, including visiting SOS Children's Villages, My Big Day, BRIS and Save the Children Sweden. I've carried out these visits to stay up-to-date and informed about what other Swedish organisations are doing for vulnerable children in Sweden and elsewhere in the world. I think it's important that we at the various organisations keep updated with each other's work so that we can support and help each other. We've also had board meetings with Childhood, which are always extremely interesting and rewarding.
Tell us more about your work with Childhood. What does Your Royal Highness do with them?
I'm a project administrator for the World Childhood Foundation, and I work from Childhood's US offices in New York. Right now I'm helping to prepare a major campaign, as well as a fundraising dinner with a seminar on the day after. It'll be held in May, and we're working with the NASDAQ exchange and a number of other companies. Childhood's founder — my mother — will be coming to the event, which I'm really looking forward to. Before that and our other projects, there are plenty of other exciting things going on at the office.
What else will Your Royal Highness be doing this spring?
Of course, I'll be coming back to Stockholm for Estelle's christening in May. And then I'll be going on a project visit to Texas, which is the next thing planned. Charlotte Brandin, the manager of the Childhood office in New York, and I will be travelling there to look at a couple of projects that we hope to be able to support. I'll also have the opportunity to meet Laura Bush there. Just like me, she's strongly committed to social issues. It'll be an interesting meeting, and I'm looking forward to it.
There has been a great deal of discussion recently about Your Royal Highness' work in New York and how your stay there has been paid for. Has Your Royal Highness been following the debate?
Yes, of course I have, and obviously I've taken what has been written about me to heart. It makes me sad when people say that I live a life of luxury, just going shopping and hanging out in restaurants. I have my job at Childhood, and I represent Sweden when asked to do so. For example, I'll be attending the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Women's Executive Conference in New York and a memorial ceremony for Raoul Wallenberg in Washington DC. The US is an important nation for Swedish interests, both economically and culturally. I'm more than happy to support and promote this.
And what about financial issues?
I'm pleased that the correct information has been published on the Royal Court's website — that when I represent Sweden, my travel and other costs are paid for from the state allocation. Otherwise, I'm paying for my stay using private means. And of course, I don't receive a salary from Childhood. It's a real privilege not needing a salary, and being able to work on a voluntary basis to assist vulnerable children and to help make my mother's vision a reality.
Your Royal Highness has recently notified the tax authorities of a move abroad. How long will Your Royal Highness be living in the US instead of Sweden?
I'll be continuing to live and work in New York for the next year. The fact that I now live in the US instead of Sweden doesn't mean that my role as Princess of Sweden has changed, only that I'll continue to work for Sweden in the US.