Gala dinner for the Finnish Presidential couple — watch a film here

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Motiv: The King and Queen with the Presidential couple at the gala dinner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix
On Tuesday 17 April, The King and Queen hosted a dinner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm for the Finnish Presidential couple, in connection with their state visit.
The Royal Family was also represented by Prince Carl Philip and Prince Daniel.
The King and Queen welcomed around 160 guests in the Vita Havet Assembly Rooms before the dinner was held in Karl XI's Gallery. The guests included President Niinistö's official retinue and representatives from the diplomatic corps, the Swedish Parliament, the Government, counties and authorities, as well as representatives from the Swedish scientific, cultural and business communities.
The King escorted Mrs Haukio to the table. Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth was seated to his left.
The Queen was escorted to the table by President Niinistö. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was seated to her right.
Prince Carl Philip escorted Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth to the table. Minister Annie Lööf was seated to his left.
Prince Daniel escorted psychiatrist Ylwa Westerberg to the table. Mrs Barbara Helenius was seated to his left.
President Niinistö escorted The Queen to the table. Psychiatrist Ylwa Westerberg was seated to his left.


The menu began with lightly smoked yellowfin tuna served with mango terrine and a wasabi crème.
The guests were then served steamed fillet of turbot coated with wild garlic, butter-roasted beetroot from Gotland, morel sauce and potato purée with fried golden beets. This was followed by roasted fillet of lamb from Gotland with green asparagus terrine, artichoke barigoule, shallots fried in duck fat and rosemary gravy.
The dinner concluded with a chocolate soufflé served with ginger-spiced fruit compote and sesame ice-cream.

The dinner service

The first course and the desert were served on plates from a service designed by Karin Björnqvist, which was produced by Gustavsberg for The King's 50th birthday in 1996.
The fish course was served on plates from a service commissioned for Queen Josefina in the latter part of the 19th century. The place of manufacture is unknown.
The meat course was served on plates from a service produced in Berlin in the 1850s for Queen Victoria's mother, the Grand Duchess of Baden.
The glassware was a wedding present to The King and Queen from the Swedish Government and the Riksdag in 1976, made at Kosta glassworks to a design by Sigurd Persson.

The cutlery

The dinner forks feature the monogram of Crown Prince Oskar (I), and were made in Stockholm by E A Zethelius in 1832. The tablespoons were made in Stockholm for Queen Dowager Josefina by Gustaf Möllenborg in 1873. The silver-plated dessert forks and dessert knives are from a set made in Paris for King Karl XIV Johan between 1819 and 1836.

The table linen

The linen, from Klässbol, was a gift from the Riksdag and the Swedish Government to HM The King to commemorate his 20th jubilee.

The flowers

The theme for the flower arrangement was spring. The flowers on the table in Karl XI's Gallery were bleeding hearts, Solomon's-seals and viburnums.