Young Music at the Palace

Motiv: Guitar players from the Malmö Academy of Music rehearsing. Photo: Henrik Garlöv/the Royal Court
Full-scale rehearsals are currently underway in the Royal Chapel. This week, Young Music at the Palace will fill the Royal Palace of Stockholm with music for the third year running.
This is a celebratory week of classical and modern music, opera, ballet and dance. The week begins with the Malmö Academy of Music and Saint Petersburg Art Lycee, performing works for guitar and percussion.
Sweden's leading institutions work with their students to present exciting performances for young audiences. Pupils from Stockholm County make up 80% of the audiences, and many of the concerts are performed during the daytime.
Young Music at the Palace is part of the Royal Palace Music Festival, under the leadership of Mats Liljefors. It was King Gustav VI Adolf who first invited Mats to give concerts at the Royal Palace of Stockholm in 1970, and these quickly became a big success. The Royal Palace Music Festival celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2010.
All the concerts over the course of the week are held in the Royal Chapel, which was inaugurated by King Adolf Fredrik and Queen Lovisa Ulrika when the Royal Family moved into the newly-built palace in 1754.