The Queen speaks at Children's Rights Days in Örebro

Motiv: The Queen at Children's Rights Days in Örebro. Photo: Jorge Rivera/Children's Rights Days
On Wednesday 9 March, The Queen spoke at Children's Rights Days in Örebro.
Children's Rights Days is an annual event for all those who are interested and active in the field of children's rights. The theme for this year's Children's Rights Days is "Children in social care".
In her speech, The Queen said: "Meeting all the individual needs that children have is a great challenge. My wish is that all adults who come into contact with children should also manage to listen to them. It is so important that we adults take children's thoughts and emotions seriously, and that we do not brush them aside. Children signal what is important to them, and we adults must listen to this.
"Working in children's best interests often requires a generous adult heart, as well as commitment and courage. Just imagine if all children could grow up close to at least one adult who truly sees him or her. Children who are healthy, who can achieve their full potential, and who know that their thoughts and suggestions are important, have a sense of self-esteem and faith in the future, resulting in a more secure future and present for all of us."