The King sums up the Royal Colloquium

Motiv: The King prepares to sum up the Royal Colloquium. Photo: David Löfvendahl/
Friday 13 May saw the conclusion of the Royal Colloquium at Gripsholm Castle.
The King concluded the Royal Colloquium by thanking all the attendees:
"Remember that you are part of a network now. I hope that you will all help to disseminate the knowledge and ideas that we have shared over the last few days. I also hope that you have exchanged contact details so that you can share information about developments within these fields. As I said, tell others what we have talked about. It is important to talk about these issues, even though some of the scenarios we have discussed are complex. Involve your networks, write books and articles, and talk to your colleagues, friends and neighbours. And don't forget the younger generation. I'm glad that The Crown Princess joined us for our first day here at Gripsholm Castle. I know that she is extremely interested in these issues, too. She would certainly have wanted to attend every day of the colloquium if she had been able to. Once again, thank you all for taking the time to attend and for contributing towards three excellent days."

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