The King presents standard

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Motiv: The King presents the standard to the Headquarters of the Swedish Armed Forces. Photo: Sergeant Johan Lundahl/Combat Camera/the Swedish Armed Forces
On Wednesday 8 June, The King presented the Headquarters of the Swedish Armed Forces with its standard at Östermalm Athletic Grounds in Stockholm.
All the Headquarters' staff took part in the presentation ceremony.

In his speech, The King said: "The Headquarters was formed as a combined unit in 1994, but it is only now that it has been given its own standard. A standard helps to create a feeling of solidarity, but it also brings an obligation. The unit's identity becomes clearer, and a sense of pride in belonging to the unit develops. The obligation means that all employees of the Headquarters must do their best in all situations, and must defend the underlying values on which the nation of Sweden and the Swedish Armed Forces rest."

For centuries, the presentation of standards has traditionally been carried out by The King or someone appointed by The King. Standards were originally only carried by the infantry and the cavalry, and in individual cases by the artillery. However, banners and standards have been presented to units from other branches of the army and the services since the twentieth century.