The King presents scholarships to three young leaders

On Thursday 28 April, The King presented the Young Leadership Foundation's scholarship awards for the fifth year in a row, to three young leaders who have displayed excellent leadership skills and are good examples to others.
This year's recipients are Cecilia Bergman from the travel industry, Martin Björgell from the Scout Movement and Jeanette Mikkelsen, a manager within care for the elderly. They each received SEK 250,000.

In his speech, The King spoke about the Royal Palace of Stockholm as a forum for new encounters and ideas. "Our meeting here at the Palace today presents an opportunity to exchange ideas. We can reflect on what is required in order to lead based on values, and to enable young people to be involved in leadership functions. I hope that you have the chance to talk with each other, across generational borders and different sectors."

The scholarship award ceremony took place in connection with a major leadership seminar, with 200 representatives from the private, public and voluntary sectors. The seminar was all about social entrepreneurs. The invited speakers were James Wolfensohn, former head of the World Bank, and Sophie Stenbeck, Chair of the Hugo Stenbeck Foundation. They both spoke on the subject of social entrepreneurs.

There was also the opportunity to follow the seminar and the issues discussed via Twitter.

About The King's Young Leadership Foundation
The background to the scholarship is The King's commitment to the Scout Movement, and the significance of the leadership training offered by the Scouts to tens of thousands of young people every year.
The King's Young Leadership Foundation aims to promote training for young people in leadership skills based on the values of the Scout Movement. This is done by awarding scholarships, support for the Scout Movement's leadership training, and support for young people's development and leadership training within the private, public and voluntary sectors.