The King presents awards for WWF

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Motiv: The King presents the Environmental Hero of the Year award at WWF's autumn meeting on 11 October. The winners (from left): Jonas Paulsson, Sebastian Kirppu and Lucas Nilsson. Photo: Ola Jennersten/WWF
On Tuesday 11 September, The King and The Crown Princess took part in the WWF autumn meeting at Ulriksdal Palace in Solna, near Stockholm. The meeting was chaired by The King in his capacity as chairman of the Board of Trustees, of which The Crown Princess is also a member.
The King presented a number of awards in connection with the meeting:
The 2012 Panda Book of the Year award was presented to authors and journalists Mats and Åsa Ottosson and photographer Roine Magnusson for their book "Kor - en kärlekshistoria" ("Cows: A Love Story").
The WWF 2011 Elisabeth Jihde Memorial Award, also known as the Jihde Award, was presented to the Laponiatjuottjudus association and the Laponia process. Michael Teilus, chairman of the association, accepted the award.
Environmental Hero of the Year 2011
The jury's award went to Lucas Nilsson from Färjestaden in recognition of his Klimatsmart energy and climate project. Sebastian Kirppu from Malung won the public-voted award for his work to protect natural forest, while Jonas Paulsson from Täby was recognised for his Meat-free Monday initiative.