The King follows in the footsteps of Storm Gudrun

Motiv: The King with the Petersson family (left) and Christer Segerstéen, chairman of the Södra economic association (right). Photo:
On Wednesday 22 June, The King visited the area affected by Storm Gudrun (known internationally as Storm Erwin) in January 2005.
The King visited the area in 2006, and had now returned to see how the forest has recovered. The visit began in Toftaholm, where The King listened to what had happened since the storm and heard about future logging opportunities.
There then followed a visit to Abrahamsgård, where The King revisited the Petersson family, who had been hit hard by the storm. After a packed lunch, The King continued to Bergön where he found out about the financial consequences of the storm and how society is supporting the affected forest owners.
The King then visited Bergön Timber Terminal, where Urban Eriksson and Per-Erik Larsson explained how the storm wood, which was the equivalent of three years of felling, was stored and subsequently used.
The agenda concluded with a visit to Kullens Gård in Kalvsvik, where Staffan Nilsson welcomed The King and spoke about the work to plant a new forest in a storm clearing.
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