The King awards Young Leadership Foundation diplomas

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On Thursday 28 April, The King awarded diplomas to participants from the Value-Based Leadership course in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
The morning began when the 80 or so participants met up and talked about their shared experiences of the course. The year-long course included four training sessions with participants from both Sweden and Finland. This training forms part of the Young Leadership Foundation, which was founded ahead of The King's 60th birthday and is run by the Scouts in association with various organisations and companies.
Emma Bauer, you took part in the course. Tell us about it!
"The course included four course weekends on various themes, such as 'Leadership for diversity'. We also had to complete our own tasks and attend company visits, and I developed a mentoring relationship. I had a mentor from Volvo IT in Eskilstuna, and we had many discussions on leadership and values. It's great to come here and receive the diploma — an excellent 'grand finale'."
Ahmed Abdirahim has been a course director on behalf of Fryshuset for two years. What was the most enjoyable thing about the course?
"Meeting so many different people. Fryshuset and the Scouts are both very diverse, but when we come together we see immediately how similar we are. We get to meet young leaders who want to make changes, and that's great."

Maria Graner, Secretary General of the Swedish Scout Movement, gave an introductory talk to the course participants.

"You have been selected for — and carried out — one of the most advanced leadership training courses for young leaders. As you know, being a Scout involves so much more than just wearing a neckerchief and tying knots. Ultimately, it's all about taking responsibility, and that's something I know you all do."

Maria then handed over to The King, who awarded a diploma to each of the participants.

After presenting the diplomas, The King addressed the young people and said:

"You should know that I think this is fantastic! This is a milestone in your lives. Today we're here in the Bernadotte Library, with all the books divided up according to previous monarchs. They all represent their own times, and their views on knowledge and leadership. What you now have is your own tool that you must take care of and develop. It's not us old folks who should tell you what to do — instead, you need to be keenly aware and develop yourselves for the future. A great deal will happen in your lives, with many changes, and this will affect you in your own leadership. I hope this course enables you to deal with these changes better. Good luck for the future!"

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