The King attends a seminar in connection with the Askö Laboratory's 50th anniversary

Motiv: The King presents the Askö Young Scientist Award. Photo:
On Wednesday 23 November, The King attended a seminar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in connection with the Askö Laboratory's 50th anniversary.
Lena Kautsky, Director of Stockholm University's Marine Research Centre, gave an introductory speech, after which the morning's talks began.
A number of leading international researchers took part, including Helmut Hillebrand from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, who talked about how the sea's ecosystem is affected when certain species grow stronger at the expense of others, and Linda Laikre from Stockholm University, who spoke about biological diversity.
The King then presented the Askö Young Scientist Award to Henrik Österblom, Anna Edlund, Francisco Nascimento, Sara Jonasson and Joakim Hansen.
The King also presented the Askö 50 Year Award to Ragnar Elmgren, who then gave a concluding talk on the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea.