The King and Queen visit the World Scout Jamboree in Kristianstad

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Motiv: The King and Queen at the World Scout Jamboree, seen here with Brazilian Scouts. Photo: Drago Prvulovic/Scanpix
On Sunday 31 July, The King and Queen visited the World Scout Jamboree camp in Kristianstad.
The event was attended by 38,000 Scouts from all over the world. The King and Queen were given a tour of the campsite. They found out about the various activities taking place, and had the opportunity to meet some of the many Scouts onsite, including participants from Småland, Switzerland and Brazil.

In the evening, The King gave an opening speech. He mentioned the tragic events in Norway, and encouraged all the leaders at the camp to support the younger Scouts in particular: "Together we stand strong!" Read the whole of The King's speech here Opens in new window..

On Monday 1 August, The King and Queen attended the Keeping Children Safe from Harm seminar, which was organised by the World Childhood Foundation and the Scout Movement. The Queen gave a speech, in which she thanked the Scout Movement for having worked long and hard to protect children from harm. As an example, she highlighted the fact that back in 1990, just a few months after the Declaration of the Rights of the Child had been adopted, the Scout Movement worked actively to persuade the world's governments to sign the Declaration. Read the whole of The Queen's speech here Opens in new window..

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