The King and Prince Carl Philip at Stenhammar Day

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Motiv: The King with some of the participants at Stenhammar Day. Photo: Viktor Wrange/SLU
On Wednesday 15 June, The King and Prince Carl Philip attended Stenhammar Day, which has been organised by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Stenhammar Estate since 2006.
This year's theme was "Responsible land use". Taking a global perspective as a starting point, a number of issues were raised. For example, how should our food be produced? Is it possible to achieve both high returns and environmental sustainability? Which forms of renewable energy can agriculture and forestry contribute? Who is responsible for the way in which land is used?

The invited speakers were Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren, Martin Viessmann from the German heating systems company Viessmann, and former IFAD President Lennart Båge. IFAD is a UN fund with a focus on agricultural production and rural development.

After the talks, this year's theme was illustrated during a farm and field walk.