The Crown Princess visits the Jokkmokk Winter Conference and Jokkmokk Market

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Motiv: The Crown Princess with Ylva Pavval at the Jokkmokk Winter Conference. Ylva presented a number of the seminars at the conference. The Jokkmokk Winter Conference was held for the fourth time, and this year's theme was "Pathways to Sustainable Northern Communities" and the climate debate. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix

On Wednesday 2 February, The Crown Princess began her visit to Jokkmokk by attending the Jokkmokk Winter Conference and Jokkmokk Market.

The day began with a guided tour of Áttje, the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum, after which The Crown Princess attended a round-table discussion at which young people spoke about indigenous perspectives on sustainable development.
The Crown Princess was then welcomed to the Jokkmokk Winter Conference, at which she introduced a panel debate.
In her introduction Opens in new window. to the conference, The Crown Princess said: "Jokkmokk Winter Conference has a strong focus to raise awareness on climate change, energy and sustainable development in a regional context."
She went on to say: "I am convinced that meetings like this are of the utmost importance, but what is really needed is for us as individuals to take action, and to live with greater awareness and to bring sustainability into our everyday life."
In the evening, The Crown Princess opened Jokkmokk Market. She arrived at the opening ceremony with the Kuhmunen family's reindeer drive, and was handed the torch which symbolises the transition from the historic market to today's Jokkmokk Market.
In her opening speech, The Crown Princess said: "Jokkmokk Market includes so much more than when it was first held. Not only is this a week for buying and selling goods, there is also a packed programme of culture, conferences, religious services, entertainment, good food and much more besides."

The evening concluded with a visit to Jokkmokks Tenn, followed by dinner at the Priest's Kitchen at Jokkmokk's Homestead Museum.