The Crown Princess visits Barents Rescue in Jokkmokk

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Motiv: The Crown Princess speaks with participants at the Barents Rescue exercise in Jokkmokk. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix
On Wednesday 21 September, The Crown Princess visited Barents Rescue External link, opens in new window., a major international emergency exercise in Norrbotten, with participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.
The day began with The Crown Princess and Helena Lindberg, Director General of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), travelling with SNAM (the Swedish National Air Medevac) from Stockholm. SNAM is a passenger aircraft that can quickly be converted into a flying emergency hospital with six intensive care beds.
In Jokkmokk, The Crown Princess visited a field exercise in which a serious railway accident is simulated close to the centre of Jokkmokk. In the exercise, Sweden requests international assistance to deal with the accident, which has occurred in the districts around Jokkmokk.
After lunch, The Crown Princess listened to a number of workshops, including "How MSB provides support and information for victims and their relatives", "MSB's personnel: working abroad as international paramedics" and "Dealing with trauma in an accident or an unforeseen crisis".
The exercise is run by MSB in association with Norrbotten County Administrative Board and the municipalities of Jokkmokk, Boden and Luleå.