The Crown Princess's second day in Jokkmokk

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Motiv: The Crown Princess visits Sámi Duodji to see Sami handicrafts. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix
The Crown Princess began her second day in Jokkmokk by visiting the Sámi Duodji External link, opens in new window. Handicraft Foundation.
At Sámi Duodji, The Crown Princess met the 2010 recipient of the Asa Kitok Scholarship, Randi Marainen, who is exhibiting her handicrafts.
Sámi Duodji displays and sells Sami art and crafts. Sami handicraft skills are represented in the form of unique and beautiful functional items.
The Crown Princess then visited the Sami Education Centre which, ever since it was founded in 1942, has been of great significance to Sami society. Here, The Crown Princess was shown a range of Sami crafts.
The Crown Princess ended the morning by attending the concluding talks at the Jokkmokk Winter Conference External link, opens in new window..

In the afternoon, The Crown Princess visited the reindeer race at Talvatissjön. The reindeer race is the most action-packed event at Jokkmokk Market, with both famous and non-famous competitors.
The Crown Princess's last stop in Jokkmokk was a visit to c/o GERD's External link, opens in new window. new premises. c/o GERD is a cosmetics company that creates skincare products exclusively from organic and natural ingredients.