The Crown Princess's name day is celebrated in the Inner Courtyard

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Motiv: The Crown Princess at the East Gate just before the celebrations in the Inner Courtyard begin. Photo: David Löfvendahl/
On Saturday 12 March, The Crown Princess's name day was celebrated in the traditional manner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
The name day celebrations began with the Mounted Guard presenting a horseshoe to The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. This particular horseshoe was worn by the horse Regent during the Crown Princess Couple's wedding procession on 19 June.
The celebrations then continued in the Inner Courtyard with a concert by the Life Guards' Dragoon Music Corps. They performed the March of the Älvsborg Regiment, in honour of the fact that The Crown Princess is Duchess of Västergötland. They then performed Queen Victoria's Presentation March and Crown Princess Victoria's Celebratory March.
The concert concluded with "With a Simple Tulip" and four cheers, followed by the Victoria Fanfare and the presentation of flowers by the Music Corps to The Crown Princess.
After the concert, The Crown Princess met those who had come to mark her name day.