The Crown Princess is interviewed in connection with the World Child & Youth Forum

Motiv: The Crown Princess during the World Child & Youth Forum 2010. Photo:
On Thursday 17 November, the second World Child & Youth Forum (WCYF) was held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The WCYF was founded at the initiative of the Royal Family in 2010. The Crown Princess gave an interview ahead of the WCYF.
Your Royal Highness has travelled extensively around Sweden. What issues does Your Royal Highness tend to encounter in connection with children and young people?
We encounter many different issues when travelling around Sweden, and we always ensure that we meet children and young people during our visits. We meet children who enjoy security and children who are not always so fortunate. Children and young people are the foundation of our future society, and I want to listen to them and learn from them. Meeting younger people is always interesting. They are so spontaneous, and I appreciate that.
Your Royal Highness is often involved in issues relating to young people and disability. Why is that?
I've always been involved in people with disabilities. Everyone must have the same opportunities to live and develop within society. It all started with my parents. I remember when I was little, they would come home and tell me about the people they had met with various disabilities. There was one particular woman my mother told me about who had no arms, but who could cook and play the piano with her feet. That made a particularly strong impression on me.
The Crown Princess Couple's Wedding Foundation was set up to promote good health and combat exclusion among children and young people. How did Your Royal Highnesses decide what the Foundation should focus on?
It was a very natural choice. We wanted to do something for children and young people in Sweden. There are many different kinds of exclusion. We want to increase social participation, and for people to feel a sense of involvement.
Both The King and The Queen have worked with the rights of children and young people for many years. How has that influenced Your Royal Highness' involvement?
We've always talked about children's rights a great deal at home. Now we're grown up, we talk about these issues at a new level. I now have my own experiences to drawn upon, which have often had a powerful impact. Perhaps I have a new need to discuss and share these experiences.
What kind of difference does Your Royal Highness hope the WCYF can make?
I hope that the WCYF, with the forum at its centre, will be more than just a meeting place. I hope it will also work as an energy boost for those who work with these issues. The WCYF should give participants inspiration and new contacts, and will hopefully help to find new solutions for focusing on the best interests of the child.
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