The Crown Princess Couple visit Västernorrland

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Motiv: The Crown Princess speaks with visitors at Technicus. Photo: Leif R Jansson/Scanpix
The Crown Princess Couple have spent two days visiting Västernorrland.
On Monday 7 November, the trip began with a visit to Permobil, a company in Timrå. The company is a world-leading manufacturer of electric wheelchairs, and during their visit The Crown Princess Couple had the opportunity to test drive Permobil wheelchairs.
They then visited Mid Sweden University and the Fiber Science and Communications Network in Sundsvall. This is a leading research centre, which develops new technological solutions using the forest as a resource. Here, The Crown Princess Couple carried out experiments and found out about working in a research environment.
Lunch was hosted by Chairman of Sundsvall Municipal Council Rodney Engström at the Hotel Knaust, and the invited guests were entrepreneurs from Västernorrland gazelle companies.
In the afternoon, The Crown Princess Couple visited a fair at Technicus. The centre aims to promote an interest in technology and natural sciences among children and young people. The attendees were young creative entrepreneurs from the surrounding area.
In the evening, a dinner was held at the governor's official residence, hosted by County Governor Bo Källstrand.