The Crown Princess Couple visit Turku — day 1

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple arrive at Turku. Photo: David Sica/Stella Pictures
The Crown Princess Couple have spent two days visiting Turku, which shares the title of European Capital of Culture 2011 with Tallinn.
On Monday 19 May, The Crown Princess Couple began their visit to Turkuexternal link, opens in new window.
The programme for the day was as follows:
Arrive at the Brig Tre Kronorexternal link, opens in new window, moored at the Finnish naval base in Pansio.
Immediately after The Crown Princess Couple's arrival, the brig was cast off for its onward voyage to Turku. During the voyage, The Crown Princess Couple learnt about the Baltic Sea and the Islands of Turku.
Arrive at Turku.
The Brig Tre Kronor arrived at Turku. Chairman of the City Board Minna Arve welcomed The Crown Princess Couple. A children's choir stood on the quay and sang a song about the Moomins.
Short walk to the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre.
Official welcoming reception.
Opening of the Baltic Sea Park for the protection of the Baltic Sea. Symbolic handover of the City of Turku's gift to The Crown Princess Couple, a statue in the shape of a seal created by Stefan Lindfors and Camilla Hackman.
Seminar on the Baltic Sea, organised by the Baltic Sea Action Groupexternal link, opens in new window (BSAG).
Short walk to the museum ship Suomen Joutsenexternal link, opens in new window.
Lunch in the Suomen Joutsen's captain's saloon.
The guests included members of the Turku 2011 Foundation, participants from the day's seminars, and representatives from companies with contacts in Sweden. The lunch was hosted by Chairman of the City Board Minna Arve.
Departure from the Suomen Joutsen for Turku Art Museumexternal link, opens in new window.
The Crown Princess Couple arrive at Turku Art Museum and the exhibition "Carl Larsson — Dreams of Harmonyexternal link, opens in new window".
Visit to Turku Castleexternal link, opens in new window.
The Crown Princess Couple were given a brief tour of Turku Castle, including the famous painting "Duke Karl Insulting the Corpse of Klaus Fleming", painted by Albert Edelfelt in 1878.
The City of Turku's gala supper in Turku Castle's King's Hall.
You can see more pictures from The Crown Princess Couple's first day in Turkuexternal link, opens in new window here.