The Crown Princess Couple visit the Nobel Museum

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple at the Nobel Museum. Photo:
On Thursday 9 June, The Crown Princess Couple visited the Nobel Museum.
The visit began at the entrance to the museum, where they were met by museum director Olov Amelin. After a brief introduction to the creation of the museum, The Crown Princess Couple were given a tour. When the Nobel Museum was founded, the focus was on showcasing the Nobel Laureates and their achievements. The founders also aimed to promote creativity, and to discuss what constitutes a creative environment.

Dr Amelin explained that the museum is primarily a collection of narratives, not of objects, which are brought together through journeys and meetings with Nobel Laureates and their families. He recounted some of these stories to The Crown Princess Couple, who also watched two films that described creative environments.

The last item on the programme was a visit to the library. The basement of the old Stock Exchange building houses a large research library, with an extensive collection of literature relating to Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Laureates. Dr Amelin explained the importance of the museum actively carrying out its own research and maintaining contact with the research community. The Crown Princess Couple also had the opportunity to speak with two young researchers on-site.

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