The Crown Princess Couple visit Ockelbo — day 2

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple's second day in Ockelbo. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix
On Friday 20 May, The Crown Princess Couple continued their visit to the areas around Ockelbo.
The programme for the day was as follows:

09:30 — 10:15
Visit to Margeretehills Gård
A modern pancake producer, focusing on every stage of the process from egg to pancake. The pancakes are sold via the major grocery chains around Sweden.

10:45 — 11:30
Visit to Lingbo Joinery
Lingbo Village Council welcomed the visitors and presented its work. There then followed a tour of the joinery, which produces items including windows and doors.

12:15 — 14:00
Lunch at Jädraås Herrgård
The manor house is located down by the water's edge, and the steam railway line runs right past it. The lunch was attended by a number of local business owners who talked about their work.

14:30 — 14:55
Fishing at Byströmmen
Åmot Village Council welcomed the visitors. A new disabled-accessible shelter has been built for fly-fishing. Byströmmen is an area that the village of Åmot is working to develop as an exclusive fly-fishing destination.

15:00 — 15:30
Åmot Park
OP Assistans is a company that employs personal assistants to help people with disabilities. The company was founded in Ockelbo in 1998 by Pernilla Hålén. Today, it employs around 300 people in Gästrikland. On Friday afternoon, OP Assistans arranged its annual customer event at Åmot Park. The Crown Princess Couple visited in connection with a coffee break for discussions and sharing ideas.

15:50 — 16:30
Åbyggeby Rural Centre
Åbyggeby Rural Centre has been planned and built for year-round activities in an area of natural beauty. Here, there is also a parent daycare co-operative and a leisure activities association that is strongly committed to the school and the village's many development ideas. The centre is also intended to be the home and base of the Ockelbo Camp — one of Ockelbo Municipality's wedding gifts to The Crown Princess Couple.
Dinner at Trädgårdens Hus, Wij Gardens
Before dinner, a biomass fuel plant was inaugurated. The plant will enable all visitors to Wij Gardens to understand how modern technology can provide climate-friendly energy in a historic setting. The Crown Princess Couple, the county governor and the municipal commissioner then greeted the guests before the dinner began.