The Crown Princess Couple visit Malmö

Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple in Västra Hamnen, Malmö. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix
On Wednesday 9 March, The Crown Princess Couple began a three-day visit to Malmö.
The visit began in Västra Hamnen, where The Crown Princess Couple were given a presentation on sustainable cities. Västra Hamnen is famous for its environmental technology solutions, and has become Malmö's most obvious symbol of sustainable urban development.
Malmö City Architect Ingemar Gråhamn and Daniel Skoog from the City of Malmö Environment Department gave The Crown Princess Couple a guided tour of the BO 01 area, taking in Dania Park, Scania Park and Sundspromenaden.
In the evening, the City of Malmö hosted a dinner at the Turning Torso External link, opens in new window.. At 190 metres high and with 54 storeys, the Turning Torso is Europe's second highest residential building. Architect Santiago Calatrava designed the building, which consists of nine cubes that are twisted through a full quarter rotation from the bottom upwards.