The Crown Princess Couple visit Gothenburg

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple in Gothenburg. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/Scanpix.
On Wednesday 31 June, The Crown Princess Couple visited Gothenburg. The theme of the day was "Good health for all", and was a wedding gift from the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland and the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland to The Crown Princess Couple.
The visit began with a tour of Green Rehab — a partnership between the Gothenburg Botanical Garden and Region Västra Götaland for rehabilitation and stress prevention.
El Sistema-Hammarkullen, an orchestra and choir school with 170 pupils from Angered, performed at the Botanical Pavilion. El Sistema-Hammarkullen is run by Angered Cultural School together with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and its principal conductor Gustavo Dudamel.
In the afternoon, The Crown Princess Couple travelled to Långedrag to visit the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club (GKSS) and to see the club's sailing activities for young people with disabilities.
The day concluded with a boat trip through parts of Gothenburg's southern archipelago and dinner on the island of Vinga.