The Crown Princess Couple's second day in Gothenburg

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Motiv: The Crown Princess visits Öckerö, near Gothenburg. Photo: David Löfvendahl/
On Friday 18 March, The Crown Princess Couple began their second day in Gothenburg by attending Growth Days at Lindholmen Conference Centre.
The day began with The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel taking part in individual seminars. The Crown Princess took part in a seminar with Charlotte Holtback Yeter, Isabella Bozdemir, Alix Marbella Jimenez Lucena, Asiya Abdi and Nayneet Gill Kaur about the work carried out by the organisation Mitt Liv to break the double isolation experienced by young immigrant women.
Prince Daniel attended a seminar with Maria Wetterstrand, Tobias Tobé, Mikael Damberg, Erik Ullenhag, Michael Wolf and Dan Stena Olsson on the theme "Close cooperation between politics, business and society — who should take the initiative?"
Prince Daniel then gave the opening speech for Growth Days, in which he spoke about the fact that growth cannot take place without confidence, good role models, the importance of teachers and the role of schools. The Prince also talked about youth unemployment and integration: "These are important questions. These are also difficult questions. These are questions that require many different perspectives, different angles of approach and a great deal of knowledge. All these positive forces must work together."
The Prince continued by saying: "Something that I believe — or, rather, know — can be important when it comes to persuading young people to continue their studies or start a business, is having good role models."
The Crown Princess Couple then listened to the seminars "The real challenge: breaking young people's isolation" and "The threat to growth".
In the afternoon, The Crown Princess visited Öckerö External link, opens in new window. while Prince Daniel attended more seminars at Growth Days. The Crown Princess's visit to Öckerö was hosted by Lennart Olsson, chairman of Öckerö Local History Society. Hundreds of local residents welcomed The Crown Princess. She then enjoyed a lunch of haddock with boiled potatoes and horseradish sauce, after which she was given a tour of Öckerö Local History Society's old houses. The Crown Princess also tried her hand at baking bread and was shown around Öckerö's old church, which was built in the 15th century and has a font that has been used ever since the area converted to Christianity.