Royal Colloquium — day 1

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Motiv: The King and Crown Princess together with the participants in the Royal Colloquium at Gripsholm Castle. Photo: Morgan Gerle/
Wednesday 11 May saw the opening of the tenth Royal Colloquium at Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred, in the presence of The King and The Crown Princess.
Some twenty scientists came together from all over the world to discuss climate and environmental issues under the leadership of The King. The Royal Colloquium was initiated by The King in 1992 and since then it has continually organised seminars focusing on the theme of climate and the environment.  
The theme for this year's seminar is urbanisation and its impact on the environment, our natural assets and the economy (The Future Urban World: Environment, Equity, Economy.)
Two different discussions were held after The King opened the tenth Royal Colloquium. The discussions were entitled Urbanisation and Demography, and Cities as economic drivers, creativity and culture.