Princess Madeleine talks about her work with Childhood USA

Motiv: The Princess at one of her project visits during the spring. Here, Princess Madeleine talks with children at Children's Harbor in Florida. Photo: Catarina Lundgren Åström /Childhood
Princess Madeleine has spent much of the past year working for the World Childhood Foundation at its New York office. Here, you can read an interview with The Princess about her work.
Tell us about a typical day at the office
First of all, I am a project administrator at Childhood's office in New York. Every day is slightly different, but if I were to describe a day at the office it would involve fairly normal office work. I arrive at the office in the morning, go through my e-mails, read reports, communicate with the projects or deal with any other tasks on my desk for the day. I sometimes attend meetings with various companies in order to try to build new corporate contacts so that Childhood can grow in the US.

We also carry out project visits. These days are completely different, and usually involve travelling and half-day programmes. Childhood has a small office in the US. There are three of us who work full-time together with a few volunteers. The atmosphere is fantastic, and everyone's passionate about their work. In a small office everyone has to help out with everything, so you can't really say that there's a typical day at the office.

How has your view of the World Childhood Foundation changed as a result of working for the organisation?
In Sweden, Childhood is well established. In the US, Childhood is a very small organisation but is well on its way to becoming an established player! Childhood consists of four foundations based in Sweden, the US, Germany and Brazil. Although we are one Childhood, we are all a little different as the organisations have to work according to local conditions and within their contexts. I knew, for example, that the office in the US works in a slightly different way to the office in Sweden, so I thought it would be a great challenge to get involved with Childhood USA.

My heart is in the projects, but it's also interesting and fun helping to build up Childhood in the US. This involves everything from organising events to working with various businesses and creating awareness of our issues. It's both extremely varied and stimulating having so many different work tasks.

How would you describe a project visit?
You can always read about a project, but getting out and meeting the children who receive help or hearing directly from the enthusiasts who run the projects is completely different. It's fantastic being able to hear their stories and to listen to them when they talk about their day-to-day work, their setbacks, but also their many successes and the progress they've made. That gives me the energy to want to do more and get involved more.

What are your plans for the autumn?
I'll be returning to the US and continuing to work for Childhood. As well as being a project administrator, I'll also be involved in continuing to develop the Childhood brand in the US. We have plenty of exciting initiatives on the go that I'm looking forward to working with!

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