Prince Daniel visits Ericsson

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Motiv: Prince Daniel visited Ericsson Studio. Mats Guldbrand stands closest to Prince Daniel, together with Henry Sténson. Photo: The Royal Court
On Thursday 24 February, Prince Daniel visited the telecommunications company Ericsson in Kista.
Just after 9 a.m., Prince Daniel arrived at Ericsson's head office where he was met by Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Henry Sténson, Project Manager Mia Lund and Mats Guldbrand.
Ericsson Studio covers an area of around 1,500 square metres. Here the company shows its customers, partners, the media and employees how technology can be used both today and in the future. A number of different environments have been created, demonstrating how new services and solutions are devised.
The visit began with Henry Sténson and Mats Guldbrand talking about the history of the company, which was founded in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson at Drottninggatan 13 in Stockholm. As early as 1900, 95% of the company's sales were exported.
It was Lars Magnus Ericsson's wife Hilda who was the early visionary behind the company's global expansion. Sales to China began in 1892, followed by India and Mexico in 1903. Today, Ericsson has a global presence. More than three billion people now make phone calls using networks operated or built by Ericsson.
Mats Guldbrand gave a tour of Ericsson Studio, where Prince Daniel saw examples of how new technology can help to reduce the environmental impact of patients' hospital visits, new road safety solutions and examples of Ericsson's environmental work.
The visit ended with lunch with CEO Hans Vestberg, who shared his thoughts about the company's competitive position, how he motivates the 90,000 employees all over the world, and his views on Ericsson's corporate culture.