Prince Daniel at the Swedish Trade Council in London

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Motiv: Prince Daniel visited the Swedish Trade Council in the UK. Photo: Åse Botha/the Swedish Trade Council
On Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 February, Prince Daniel was in London to visit the Swedish Trade Council.
The programme was hosted by Ulf Berg, CEO of the Swedish Trade Council.
Ulf, tell us about the background to the trip.
Prince Daniel visited our offices in Stockholm in December. So now we wanted to show him how the Swedish Trade Council operates out in the field, and how an overseas branch works.
Why the London offices?
We have lots of exciting projects on the go in London. The UK is a huge market, where Swedish businesses can be even more active. We currently have a number of food producers where we can show how we work, so London seemed like good choice in view of the Prince's interest in food and health.
What was on the programme?
We visited the Swedish Trade Council's offices and showed him how we work. We held a round-table discussion with a number of companies that talked to Prince Daniel about their experiences, cultural differences and their views of the British economic trend. We also visited the Swedish embassy where we found out about how the embassy operates. Day two included a study visit to a supermarket chain to see how we are supporting and assisting Swedish food producers when entering what is, to a certain extent, a new market for them. If we succeed in this project, Swedish food will be sold in 200 stores.
Tell us about the Swedish Trade Council's UK operations.
We have nine employees here. This is one of our oldest export offices, but most Swedish companies are now able to cope on their own. We focus on small and medium-sized companies which we hope will be able to set up operations here in the UK.
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