Prince Daniel attends seminar "More exercise — Less public debt"

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Motiv: Prince Daniel together with Director-General of the Swedish National Debt Office, Bo Lundgren, at the seminar "More exercise – Less public debt". Photo: Swedish National Debt Office.
On Wednesday 7 September, Prince Daniel attended the seminar “More exercise - Less public debt", which was organised by the Swedish National Debt Office and the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH).
The purpose of the half-day seminar was to talk about the latest research into how physical activity benefits both the individual and state finances.

Contributors to the seminar included Mats Börjesson, Professor and heart specialist, Örjan Ekblom, researcher at GIH, and Susanne Ackum, under-secretary of State at the Ministry of Finance. The seminar was also attended by a large number of pupils and teachers from GIH.