Prince Carl Philip at the Royal Palace Sprint

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Motiv: Prince Carl Philip at the Royal Palace Sprint. Photo: Henrik Garlöv/
On Wednesday 16 March, Prince Carl Philip opened the Royal Palace Sprint External link, opens in new window. event in Stockholm. This was the eighth time the Royal Palace Sprint has been held around the Royal Palace of Stockholm, forming part of a four day event that begins in Stockholm and ends in Falun.
The competition is part of the FIS World Cup Final for the 2010/11 season.

Before the opening ceremony, The Prince was given a tour of the area by Rutger Simonsson, who is responsible for the Royal Palace Sprint competition. The Prince was shown how the timing is dealt with, how the skis are prepared in the Swedish Ski Association's ski waxing truck, and the outside broadcast truck.

At the opening ceremony, The Prince gave a speech in which he thanked in particular all the officials who make the competition possible.

The following is an extract from Prince Carl Philip's speech:

"Millions of TV viewers will soon be sharing the excitement of this decisive competition with you. With the World Ski Championships so fresh in our memory, and in the company of the world champions, the sprint world champions and world cup winner Emil Jönsson, this is bound to be a clash at the highest level.

"As you no doubt already know, the Royal Palace Sprint is a classic style event. The course, with its ascents at Lejonbacken and the home stretch on Slottsbacken, is 1,080 metres in length.

"This is a decisive, world-class sprint course. I particularly like the fact that this competition, which I have followed keenly and look forward to every year, runs around the Royal Palace.

"The work that goes into the Royal Palace Sprint is truly impressive. The Swedish Ski Association is assisted by numerous officials from many different sports associations in the Stockholm area.

"We look forward to an exciting sprint, and wish the participants the best of luck!

"Once again, a warm welcome — the time is now upon us! Let the competition begin!"