Preparations underway ahead of the State Visit to Botswana

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Motiv: The King and Queen with journalists from Botswana. From left: Duncan Kgangkenna, Pusa Kedidimetse, Gideon Nkala and Outsa Mokone. Photo: Linn Duvhammar/the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Before an outgoing State Visit, The King and Queen are informed about the country being visited.
The King and Queen will be visiting Botswana on 23-26 March. On Thursday 10 March, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs — led by Head of the Protocol Department Caroline Vicini — provided The King and Queen with information ahead of the visit.
In connection with these information meetings, the media from the country in question are given an opportunity to interview The King and Queen. Today, four journalists from Botswana's main media outlets interviewed The King and Queen.