Official dinner at the Royal Palace

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Motiv: The King and Queen and Crown Princess Couple on their way in to the Vita Havet Assembly Rooms for this year's third official dinner. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix.
On Thursday 8 September, The King and Queen hosted an official dinner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
Guests included representatives from the diplomatic corps, the Swedish parliament, the government, counties and authorities, as well as from the Swedish business community, science, culture and sport.
The approximately 150 guests were received and welcomed by The King, The Queen, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in the Vita Havet Assembly Rooms. Dinner was took place in Karl XI's Gallery.

Seating arrangements

The King accompanied psychiatrist Ylwa Westerberg, wife of the Speaker of Parliament, to the table. On his left side was communications director Anette Brifalk Björklund.

The Queen was accompanied to the table by Speaker Per Westerberg, and Minister Jan Björklund was seated on her right.
The Crown Princess was accompanied to the table by Israel's ambassador, Mr Benny Dagan. On her right was Speaker Per Westerberg.
Prince Daniel accompanied communications director Anette Brifalk Björklund to the table. On his left was Minister Nyamko Sabuni.
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The starter dish was crayfish soup with crayfish from Lake Vättern and bleak roe ravioli.

This was followed by breaded Mälaren pike-perch with carrot terrine, fennel, ginger and a velouté sauce of Swedish mussels.

The next course was pigeon "Wellington" with buttered pointed cabbage, braised carrots, crêpe filled with duck liver from free-range ducks and pigeon confit with truffle gravy.

Desert was chocolate pâté with Quinto ganache and milk chocolate sorbet with verbena.