King gives formal audiences

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Motiv: Jamaica's ambassador Anthony Smith Rowe. On his left Crown Equerry Mertil Melin; on his right the introducer from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Kerstin Asp-Johnsson. Photo:
On Thursday 8 December, The King received four new foreign ambassadors at the Royal Palace of Stockholm during several formal audiences.
On this occasion ambassadors from the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Jamaica and Ethiopia were received. 

During the ceremony, the ambassadors present their letters of credence, a document from the respective head of state to The King, which gives them the formal right to operate in Sweden from that point.

The new ambassadors are:

Jana Hynková, Czech Republic. Ms Hynková's most recent position was as counsellor at the Czech Republic's embassy in Copenhagen and she has previously worked with issues relating to the Nordic and Baltic regions and the EU within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Dilshod Akhatov, Uzbekistan. Mr Akhatov is accredited from Germany, where he is ambassador at Uzbekistan's embassy in Berlin. Mr Akhatov has been working for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs since 1995.

Anthony Smith Rowe, Jamaica. Mr Smith Rowe is accredited from the United Kingdom, where he is High Commissioner at the Jamaican embassy in London. He was previously a senator and has also worked as an ambassador in Washington.

Berhanu Kebede, Ethiopia. Mr Kebede is accredited from the United Kingdom, where he is ambassador at the Ethiopian embassy in London. He has previously worked as an ambassador in Stockholm, with accreditations in Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Reykjavik.

The formal audience is a ceremony steeped in tradition. The ambassador is collected from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in one of the Royal Mews' carriages and driven to the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The King and the ambassador then conduct private talks lasting about fifteen minutes.