King and Queen honour Öland Inhabitant of the Year

Motiv: The King and Queen together with the 2011 Öland Inhabitant of the Year, Anna Wilks. Photo: Mats Holmertz/Barometern.
On Monday 18 July, The King and Queen took part in a ceremony to announce the Öland Inhabitant of the Year at Solliden on the island of Öland.
The King presented the Solliden award to this year's recipient - Anne Wilks. Anne Wilks has run and managed the programme for Öland's Harvest Festival and the jury's decision read:

"Anne Wilks, who with her strong and unique motivation personified the success story, the 15th anniversary of the Öland Harvest Festival. Her countless visits to businesses and associations have helped generate an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and commitment. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Harvest Festival is famed far beyond Öland's borders. Anne Wilks, a nature lover from Ullevi malm, is with all her heart a true friend of Öland".