Interview with Mats Nilsson, the new First Marshal of the Court

Motiv: Mats Nilsson. Photo: The Swedish Armed Forces
The King has appointed Mats Nilsson as the new First Marshal of the Court at the Royal Court with effect from 1 January 2012.
The First Marshal of the Court leads the work involved in planning the Royal Family's official programme and engagements. The Office of the Marshal of the Court is responsible for the planning and implementation of official visits, formal audiences, official dinners, jubilees, municipal visits, etc.
Congratulations! How does it feel?
It feels good, and most importantly it feels extremely enjoyable. I also feel a great sense of humility in view of this duty. I look forward to working with dedicated and skilled colleagues at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
What is your background?
Essentially, mine has been a military career. I also recently spent a few years working as Assistant Undersecretary and Head of the Military Unit at the Ministry of Defence. During my time with the Air Force, I have been a test pilot, Wing Commander at F16 and Inspector General of the Swedish Air Force. At central level, I have served as Head of the Armed Forces Headquarters. I have also had the honour for many years of being one of The King's aides, and most recently senior aide.
Tell us a little about yourself
People see me as a calm and stable person. I'm married, and I have two adult children. I grew up in Skåne, but have lived here in Stockholm for 20 years.
What are your thoughts about your new role as First Marshal of the Court?
Together with the Office of the Marshal of the Court, I have an important task which is to support the Royal Family in their programme and engagements. We will work closely together in order to achieve this in the best way. The Office of the Marshal of the Court has a great deal of expertise and experience, as does the Royal Court as a whole, and I forward to being part of this.
What are your expectations of your new role?
To support the Head of State and his family in their roles to the best of my ability. I also want to help explain more about the Royal Family's official programme and our cultural heritage. My time as The King's aide has given me a good insight into both the organisation and my new role, so I know how this work is carried out with such pleasure and professionalism.