Crown Princess Couple visit Dalarna

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Motiv: Prince Daniel at Gemensamma Krafter in Jakobsgårdarna, Borlänge. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix.
The Crown Princess Couple began a two-day trip to Dalarna on Thursday 24 March.
Thursday morning began with a visit to the youth centre Cozmoz in Borlänge, which houses concert venues, a young people's disco and a café. Cozmoz is also a place where young unemployed people can gain work experience, where they are given the motivation to study or work through job training. Monica Malmqvist spoke about the activities at the centre. Today some 80 young people work at Cozmoz and Monica Malmqvist explained how important it is to strengthen their integrity and give them a boost in order to help them succeed as individuals.

The Crown Princess Couple also had the opportunity to listen to Marianne Sjöström, who spoke about Borlänge's challenges and work with children in vulnerable situations. Then Patrik Hammar, Michael Toivo and Jessica Heed gave a presentation about their work with the Peace & Love Foundation - a newly established voluntary association devoted to creating a better world. The association works with four focus areas: Children and Young People, Environment and Ecology, Diversity and Justice and Knowledge and Education. In the autumn, the association will also be working with Dalarna University.

Afterwards The Crown Princess Couple paid a visit to Barnahus - a place for children suspected of being subjected to violence from a close relative. The Crown Princess Couple were given a tour of the premises, as well as information about the activities.

Following the visit to Barnahus, The Crown Princess Couple went to Gemensamma Krafter in Jakobsgårdarna. Gemensamma Krafter is a meeting place, mainly for women and children. The vision is to create an attractive and multicultural housing area, where everyone feels that they are participating in making the place a safe and pleasant place to live. At Gemensamma Krafter, The Crown Princess Couple were first given information about the organisation, and then had the opportunity to meet around 20 parents and their children who visit the organisation.

The afternoon ended with a visit to Vika Bröd, where The Crown Princess Couple were shown how Swedish crispbread is made in wood-fired ovens. Vika Bröd was established in 1923 by Karl-Oskar Andersson and all the bread is still baked by hand.

In the evening, County Governor Maria Norrfalk hosted a dinner at her official residence in Falun.