Crown Princess Couple receive wedding gift lime trees

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Motiv: The children's choir of Borgholm Church together with The Crown Princess Couple on the balcony of Borgholm City Hall. Photo: Mikael Fritzon/Scanpix.
On Wednesday 13 July, The Crown Princess Couple received their wedding present from Borgholm Municipality.
In a ceremony in the square in Borgholm on the island of Öland, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel accepted the lime trees that were a wedding gift from the municipality a year ago.

The ceremony began with singing from the children's choir of Borgholm Church. This was followed by speeches by the Chairman of the local council, Jan Erici, and local government commissioner Lisbeth Lennartsson. Harlad Erici and Maria Rylander sang and there was a performance by Borgholm Big Band.

The two lime trees have been planted in the square in front of Borgholm City Hall.

Thousands of people gathered in the square to watch the ceremony.