Crown Princess Couple hold audience for AMF military film archive

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple with Peter Nordström and Margareta Anshelm Pattyranie from the Swedish military film archive, Armé- Marin- och Flygfilm (AMF). Photo:
On Monday 28 March, The Crown Princess Couple held an audience for the Swedish military film archive, Armé- Marin- och Flygfilm (AMF), at the Royal Palace.
The association was established in 1920 and owns one of the world's oldest military film archives. AMF followed the work and preparations connected with the renovation of the Royal Barge Vasaorden and putting together a functioning crew ahead of The Crown Princess Couple's wedding on 19 June, 2010. The work was documented in a film and on Monday The Crown Princess Couple were presented with a copy of the film by representatives from the association, Peter Nordström and Margareta Anshelm Pattyranie.

About the Royal Barge Vasaorden


The first Visa barge was commissioned by Gustav III in 1774 according to a design by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. It was used for the first time for the then Duchess Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta's procession into Stockholm on 17 July, 1774.
Following a devastating fire on 8 August, 1921, a new barge was built, Vasaorden, according to the original design. It was possible to salvage parts of the old Vasaorden, including a complete set of oars that are still used today.  
The new Vasaorden was used for the first time to take King Gustaf V to the inauguration of Stockholm City Hall in 1923.
The royal barge was also used for the festivities to mark the Swedish-born Princess Ingrid's (Queen Ingrid of Denmark) wedding in 1935, for King Gustaf V's 80th birthday in 1938, King Gustaf VI Adolf's 90th birthday in 1972, The King and Queen's wedding in 1976 and for the state visit to Sweden of the Japanese imperial couple in 2000.