Ulriksdal Palace sculpture collection joined by glass artwork this summer

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Motiv: Photo: GOMER.
The collection of 18th-20th century sculptures in the Orangery at Ulriksdal Palace will be joined by an exhibition of modern glass artwork from 9 July to 4 September.
Artists Gunilla Kihlgren and Rolf Svartström will be exhibiting their modern artwork among the traditional classic sculptures.

In the Yellow Gallery, three huge vases are accompanied by inner objects, eyes and shells. Gunilla Kihlgren is also displaying "Stilleben, Aorta och Öga" (Still Life, Aorta and Eye) and "Ämbar med seg vätska" (Pail with viscous liquid).

Rolf Svartström has placed a horn of plenty in the central portico, also home to Tor, Oden and Balder.
Carl Eldh's bronze of August Strindberg has been joined by balloons hanging from the ceiling. The figures in John Börjeson's sketch to the Sten Sture monument in the same room are connected with Rolf Svartström's aviator, who hangs from the balloons.

The Western Pavilion houses a Höganäs urn dating from the time of Karl XV. The urn is now joined by Gunilla Kihlgren's Baroque glass urn. Rolf Svartström's "Puttiorkester" (Putti orchestra) hangs from the ceiling, as well as a horn of plenty carried by putti.