The Royal Family attends the 200th anniversary of the succession to the throne in Örebro

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Motiv: The Royal Family at the "To Choose a King! Bernadotte and Örebro 1810" exhibition at Örebro County Museum. The Royal Family celebrated the 200th anniversary of the succession to the throne in Örebro, when Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was named successor to the Swedish throne. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix.
On Saturday 21 August 2010, the Royal Family were in Örebro. This was where Jean Baptiste Bernadotte had been named successor to the Swedish throne exactly 200 years previously at the Parliamentary Session held in St Nikolai's Church in Örebro.
The day began with the arrival of the Royal Family at Stjernsund Castle External link, opens in new window.. Here they were met by County Governor Rose-Marie Frebran and the Chairman of the Municipal Council, Lars O Mohlin.

Stjernsund Castle was bought by King Karl XIV Johan, who used it when travelling to Norway. King Karl XIV's grandson, the "song Prince" Gustav, loved the castle very much, and between 1848 and 1852 (when he died suddenly at the age of just 25) he had the castle redecorated. As a result, Stjernsund Castle now has one of Sweden's best-preserved mid-19th century interiors.

After a tour of the castle, the Royal Family enjoyed a buffet lunch.

The "To Choose a King!" and "Design Bernadotte" exhibitions
In the afternoon, the 200th anniversary celebrations continued in Örebro itself, and the Royal Family saw two exhibitions at Örebro County Museum, "To Choose a King!" External link, opens in new window. and "Design Bernadotte" External link, opens in new window..

The Royal Family then visited St Nikolai's Church External link, opens in new window., where the Parliamentary Session in Örebro was held on 21 August 1810. From here, the Royal Family travelled by horse and carriage to Järntorget Square. Scouts, choirs and brass bands from Örebro lined the route.

At Järntorget Square, The King gave a speech in which he said that he had been "looking forward to this day for two different reasons. The first of these is being able to stand here on the square and say Dear Citizens of Örebro."

In the evening, County Governor Rose-Marie and her husband Hans Gunnar Frebran hosted a banquet at Örebro Castle.