The Queen visits the Swedish Margareta Church

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Motiv: The Queen and Queen Sonja of Norway arrive at the Swedish Margareta Church. Photo: Tom Hansen/Stella Pictures.
On Sunday 3 October, The Queen and Queen Sonja of Norway visited the Swedish Margareta Church in Oslo.
They were welcomed by Chairman of the Church Council Herbert Carlén and Priest Erland Söderström. They were then given a tour of the Margareta Church's premises, where the Church Council and the staff gave a presentation of the work carried out by the Swedish Church in Oslo and elsewhere in Norway.

The Queen and Queen Sonja then attended a High Mass to commemorate the start of the Margareta Church's 85th anniversary celebrations.

The Swedish Church in Oslo

The Swedish Church in Oslo was founded in 1911. The Church used borrowed premises for the first few years, but it soon needed its own church.

The first turf was cut in 1922 and on the fourth Sunday in Advent 1925, the Margareta Church was opened.