The Queen presents certificates to the winners of the Mayflower fundraising campaign

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Motiv: Pupils from Kinnevik School in Linköping with The Queen. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/Scanpix.
On Wednesday 29 September, 30 pupils from years 4-6 at Kinnevik School in Linköping came to the Royal Palace of Stockholm to receive certificates from The Queen.
The school won this year's Mayflower External link, opens in new window. fundraising campaign competition, raising SEK 200,000.

Erica Junehammar raised the most, with Simon Schmiedt in second place.

The Mayflower Charity Foundation for Children is Sweden's largest children's charity, and 100,000 children took part in this year's campaign, which raised more than SEK 50 million.

Blossoming Company of the Year
The Queen also awarded a certificate to this year's Blossoming Company of the Year, conference organiser MCI. The company sold mayflowers at a number of events, including conferences for doctors, psychotherapists and nurses.