The King opens the City Tunnel in Malmö

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Motiv: "I would like to congratulate this project of our time," said The King in his speech. Photo: Stig-Åke Jönsson/Scanpix
On Saturday 4 December, The King opened the City Tunnel in Malmö. This was a festive affair with performances from a number of artists, including Marie Fredriksson, Ola Salo and Timbuktu. The opening ceremony took place on Posthusplatsen next to Malmö Central Station, where one of three new stations is ready to be brought into use.
Speeches were given by Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, Minister for Infrastructure, Gunnar Malm, Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration, Pia Kinhult, Regional Council Commissioner of Skåne Region Council, and Ilmar Reepalu, Chairman of Malmö City Executive Board.
After the construction of the Öresund Bridge, the City Tunnel is one of the biggest and most complex construction projects to be carried out in the region in recent years. In his speech, The King referred to the Öresund Bridge and the way in which the railway acts as a link between Sweden and Denmark, saying: "Today, it is quite possible to live on one side of the Sound and work on the other. The City Tunnel contributes further to this mobility and integration, forming an even tighter bond between our countries."
The City Tunnel will open to traffic on 12 December.
You can find out more about the background to the City Tunnel and see images of its construction here External link, opens in new window..