The King observes Home Guard exercises in Kvarn and Tyrislöt

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Motiv: Photo: The Home Guard.
On Friday 17 September, The King visited Östergötland and observed the Armed Forces Helicopter Wing and the Life Grenadier Group on their military unit exercises with the 3rd and 4th Home Guard Battalions.
The troops' skills and the implementation of the exercise were inspected by the Chief of the Home Guard, Brigadier Roland Ekenberg.

The King observed selected parts of the exercise, including the 413th and 414th Home Guard Battalions' exercises in Kvarn (Prästtomta artillery range).

The King then visited the 414th Home Guard Battalions' exercise in the coastal area of St Anna's Archipelago.

A total of around 300 people took part in the exercise, which was carried out in various stages and at several different locations from 13 to 19 September.