The King and Queen take part in the King's Rally

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Motiv: The King and Queen at the King's Rally on Öland. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix
On Saturday 14 August, The King and Queen took part in the King's Rally on Öland.
This year the rally was held in central Öland, starting at the Strand Hotel in Borgholm, with the first driver challenge being held at Borgholm Church. There was then a line-up at Solliden Palace, before the rally continued to Halltorp Pasture where the drivers had to leave their cars behind for a short walk.

The rally then moved on to Bredsättra Church, Löt, and onwards to Föra Church. At Föra Church, the drivers had to complete the second challenge. The third and final driver challenge took place at the Picko Troberg stop in Föra. The rally then continued to Äleklinta, ending a few kilometres from Köpingsvik.

Around 110 vehicles took part in the rally. The King drove a 1946 Volvo PV 60, which he received on his 50th birthday from Swedish King's Rally donors.