The King and Queen open the Life at the Palace exhibition

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Motiv: The King and Queen in front of Queen Désirée's piano and Queen Josefina's harp. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix
2010 is the 200th anniversary of when French marshal Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was named successor to the Swedish throne, and the occasion is being celebrated with an exhibition entitled "Life at the Palace: At home with the first Bernadottes", which was opened to the public today.
The exhibition was The Queen's idea, and in the afternoon The King and Queen and Princess Christina were given a tour by curator Kerstin Hagsgård.
An inauguration programme was then held in the West Guard's Hall in the Banqueting Rooms. Director of the Royal Collections Carin Bergström began by talking about the background to the exhibition, after which Palace Librarian Antoinette Ramsay Herthelius spoke about the book to accompany the exhibition. Curator Kerstin Hagård then gave a speech.
After that, The Queen opened the exhibition. In her speech, she said: "The Royal collections tell us about what the royal family did in their leisure time. Sheet music tells us that they played a lot of music, and plays tell us that theatrical works were performed in Queen Désirée's salon. Letters also speak of close contact with friends and relatives." The Life at the Palace exhibition was then declared open.

About the exhibition

Life at the Palace focuses on the Bernadotte family during the first half of the 19th century, when the Bernadotte dynasty was established in Sweden. The former revolutionary soldier King Karl XIV Johan lived to become the grandfather of four princes and a princess. What was family life like in the evening and at weekends?
Some of the family members' well-known settings are displayed as rooms within rooms, such as King Karl Johan's bedchamber, Queen Désirée's salon and Queen Josefina's picture gallery room. Most of the objects are from the Royal collections, but the National Museum and the Royal Armoury have also contributed items.
The exhibition Opens in new window. is open from today until 6 March 2011.