The Crown Princess Couple visit Fryshuset

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple at Fryshuset. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix.
On Tuesday 16 November, The Crown Princess Couple visited Fryshuset in Stockholm.
CEO Johan Oljeqvist and founder Anders Carlberg welcomed The Crown Princess Couple.
Beatrice Clarke, who previously worked with the Easy Street project, then gave a talk entitled No-one's destiny is predetermined — the importance of adult relationships and role models, daring to believe, and seeing the opportunities where others see problems.
Fatima Åsard, operational manager of the Children of Single Mothers project, talked about Children as victims of poverty and mental illness.
Maria Soares Lindberg, operational manager of the Nätvandrarna project, talked about Young people's online lives, and the need for an adult presence.
The Crown Princess Couple were then given a tour of Fryshuset.
The Crown Princess Couple concluded their visit by watching an extract from the play "Förorten brinner" ("The Suburb is Burning").