The Crown Princess Couple revisit the Wedding Gifts 2010 exhibition

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Motiv: The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel take another look at their wedding gifts. Photo: Henrik Garlöv/the Royal Court
On Friday 3 December, The Crown Princess Couple took another look at some of the many gifts they received for their wedding.
The Crown Princess Couple received many wedding gifts from the public. A number of receptions were held at the Royal Palace ahead of the wedding on 19 June. At these receptions, The Crown Princess Couple received gifts from official Sweden.
During the autumn, a selection of the gifts received from the public have been displayed in Queen Lovisa's Hall of Mirrors.
The exhibition is divided up into various themes, and The Crown Princess spent some time looking at the display of needlework. "Such incredible work. What professionals! It's so touching to see all the work that's been put into these," she said.
The exhibition runs until 30 December. Find out more here Opens in new window..
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